Whats new for end users in SharePoint 2013

Share-Assigning permissions :

There are lots of new changes in SharePoint 2013 with respect to end users. One of them is a new way of assigning permissions. If you want to assign the permissions from the home page of the site, you can use "Share" icon on the top right corner of the page of the site.

Please see the below Figure : Assign permissions.

Once you click on the Share button it will open a popup with Share "site name" in this case  Share "First Name".

Under Invite People to "Edit" you can enter the people you want to give permissions . Here I entered "deven" it shows the list of matched users, from that list select the users which you want to give permissions  to complete the name.

Share your site

Figure:Assign permissions

Then you can select the permission levels from the available groups and permission levels and finally click on share.

Please see the below Figure.

Share your site

Once you hit "Share" button it will show the message "First Site" Shared with and username.

Share your site

Drag and Drop of files in document library:

Drag and drop files are one of the new feature for end user prospective in SharePoint 2013.

Drag and Drop Files

Once you drag and drop the files on to the document library it will show the status as Drop here . Please see the below figure.

Drag and Drop Files

Once you drop the file it will show the status bar for the user.

Drag and Drop Files

After you the upload the files it will show the status as Upload completed and shows the green star on the uploaded file. Please see the below figure.

Drag and Drop Files

Once you click on open menu you can see in the below figure where you have three options "Edit", "Share" and "Follow" options  and importantly preview of the image, changed date, it was shared with whom and what is the URL of it.

Drag and Drop Files


In this post we have seen a couple of new features related to end user experience. One is assigning permissions i.e. Now a new option as "SHARE" and another one is Drag and Drop files feature .

Hope it is helpful.

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