Two level approval workflow in SharePoint 2013

Posted on July 24th, 2014

In this video you will learn how to create OOB Two level approval workflow in SharePoint 2013  online.

Use Case:

Employee can submit a proposal document to manager and manager can either approve this or reject this document. Once it is approved by manager it will go for further approval of sr. manager and he can either approve it or reject it. If manager or sr.manager rejects the document workflow ends there.

Steps to create OOB Two level approval workflow in SharePoint 2013:

  1. Login to the site to create a workflow.
  2. Click on Project document library from navigation,
  3. Click on Library from Ribbon.
  4. Click on Workflow settings.
  5. Change the workflow association type to documents.
  6. You can see that SharePoint 2013 supports both platforms SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.
  7. Click on add workflow and it will redirect to screen where you can add a workflow
  8. Select “Approval workflow template”.
  9. Enter a name “Project Proposal Approval”.
  10. Leave the task list and workflow History list as it is.
  11. In start options just choose “Creating a new item will start this workflow”.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Enter “Approver1” for Manager and “Approver 2” for Sr.Manager in the approvers field.
  14. Leave other fields as it is and click on save.
  15. You can observe that new workflow has been created under SharePoint 2010 section.

Let’s test the workflow:

  1. upload a Project Proposal document to the Projects documents library.
  2. Once you upload the document, refresh the page.
  3. You can see that new column is added to view to show the workflow progress.
  4. Click on “In progress” status of the workflow and this will redirect to the workflow status page.
  5. In this screen you can see the visio representation of the workflow, tasks and workflow history.
  6. Tasks represents whom it was assigned to, title and what is the due date etc.
  7. Workflow history represents when workflow was started, description, logging details etc.

Approve workflow:

  1. Login with Approver1 credentials.
  2. Go to tasks lists and click on task assigned to the user.
  3. Enter comments and click on Approve.
  4. Check the task outcome and workflow status, you can see that  one more task has been created for Approver 2.
  5. Now Login with Approver 2 and approve the task assigned to approver 2.
  6. Now you can see that workflow status has been approved.


In this video you have learned how to create OOB two level approval workflow in SharePoint 2013 online. The same way you can create three level workflow in SharePoint 2103.

Do you have want to see more videos on SharePoint workflows?

We are planning to create videos on workflows in SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 online. Feel free to post your comments here to see what type of concepts you are looking to learn in SharePoint workflows, so we will try to incorporate them in our upcoming videos.

Happy learning !!!

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