SharePoint for Beginner Developers: 4 - Week Training Program

 SharePoint Development for Beginners



This is a 4-week training program for beginner SharePoint Developer who are looking to learn the basics necessary to find success.

One of the primary reasons that SharePoint Developers succeed or fail comes to learning the latest skills that is required. You can build the projects, but you won't succeed if it is not delivered with right approach As a result, the focus of this program is on developing your skills to match the industry best practices.

This 4-week program consists of the following four 60-minute live sessions:

  • Add-ins: Develop your first Add-in
  • Jquery: How to customize the List forms
  • REST and CSOM: Interact with SharePoint Artifacts
  • Introduction to SharePoint Framework

Each session will be live (recordings will be made available), and include a presentationQ&A and assignment to hold you accountable.


Each live session occurs on Wednesday at 8pm IST (recordings will be made available).

The next available program runs during the following dates:

  • August 8
  • August 16
  • August 23
  • August 30



More Payment Options – Credit Card, Internet Banking, Debit Card etc.

If you wish to join SharePoint for Beginner Developers: 4 - Week Training Program  without the hassle of going thru PayPal, you can use the below links to sign-up. Your payments will be processed thru reliable folks at 2Checkout.