People & websites that helped me in 2016 [thank you message]

Published: 29th December 2016

2016 has been the most awesome year since starting

Thank you so much for making it happen. This year, more than 100K people visited our site, learned something and took first step to become awesome in their work. 2016 has been an amazing journey, thanks to all your visits, listens, purchases, comments, likes and shares.  

A big thanks to you, my dear reader, for supporting me and choosing as partner in your journey to awesomeness.  

Apart from our readers, there are also countless people, websites, books, companies which helped me have a fantastic year. This message is my way of saying thanks to them. 

People who helped me in 2016 

Teachers & gurus: 

Running a website and working on Job requires a lot of training, help and mentoring. Thanks to all these wonderful people who motivated me, taught me, inspired me and corrected me in this year.  

SharePoint Folks:

Chris O'BrienShivPrasad KoiralaAndrew ConnellMarc Anderson,Vesa Juvonen

Business & entrepreneurship:

Bryan and Jeremy, Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss , Mike Taber,  Rob Walling and Jean Paul

Authors & books 

It has been a powerful & inspiring journey, thanks to all the books I could read. 

Some of the books and their Authors that inspired me are, 

Customers & Readers 

In the end of 2016 we started releasing few courses and more than 70 people purchased courses from More than 4,000 people are now members of our newsletter. Many more people discover and join our little community every day.

Thank you so much for inviting me to your life & letting me help you. My sincere & heart-felt thanks to each and every one of you. 

Companies & websites that helped me 

I am thankful to Microsoft for creating SharePoint and helping me make a living out of it. 

I am also thankful to, 

Email & Productivity: Google 

Website, Hosting & E-commerce: Site Sell,PayPal,GumRoad 

Community & Connection: TwitterFacebookYoutubeSkydrive 

Software: Paint.NET, Notepad ++Camtasia & SnagitSkype, Audacity 

Last but not least… 

I am able to perform at my best levels & help you because there is someone else that support, encourage and inspire me every day. 

My family:  my wife Priya & kid Charita support me and in numerous ways. They shower me with love, humor and support everyday so that I can be awesome at what I do. 

All my close friends: for supporting me & encouraging me to do better.   

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