Create Site collection in SharePoint 2013

In this post you will learn how to create site collection in SharePoint 2013. In the previous post you have created web application in SharePoint 2013 successfully. The web application is a logical unit of site collections. In this post we will be creating site collection and while creating the site collections how it support the previous version of SharePoint.

Here we are creating Site collection using central administration screen to group the SharePoint sites for managing enterprise data.

Let's say for example you have different departments in an organization like Sales, marketing, Finance etc. For each of each you will create a separate site collection, so that you can organize the data properly by providing permissions in the different site collections for different departments. 

Let's dive into creating a site collection, go to central admin screen, click on Create site Collections under "Application Management".

Enter all the details in the below Figure: Create Site Collection like "Title", Description, select Team site as a template, leave "select experience version" as 2013 and enter Primary site collection administrator, then click ok.

Create Site Collection

Figure:Create Site Collection

How to view the site collection which you have created now.

Click on "Application Management" from central admin. Click on "View All site collections" under Sitecollections section. In the below Figure: Site Collections List, you can see under which web application the site collection has been created, in which Content Database it got stored etc. Whenever you create a site collection it will create a top level site. You can use the URL field to access the site.

Site Collections List

Figure:Site Collections List

Copy the URL and try to browse the top level site which you have created. Congratulations you have created your first site collection in SharePoint 2013.

First Site

Figure:First site

Compatibility for SharePoint 2010:

While creating site collection you might have observed that there is a new dropdown field "Select experience version" added while selecting the template. There are two options in the dropdown file i.e. Default one is 2013 and the other one is 2010. In the above example you have created a site collection based on 2013 template.

If you select "Select experience version" as 2010, you can create a site collection using previous version i.e. SharePoint 2010.

Question here how SharePoint 2013 is providing compatibility for SharePoint 2010 while creating the site collection.

Please look into the below Figure:14 and 15 Hive where you can see both 14 hive and 15 hive folder got created after you install SharePoint 2013.

14 and 15 Hive

Figure:14 and 15 Hive


In this post you have created site collection based on team site template and learned about backward compatibility while creating the site collections.

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