sharpoint-hosted app 2013 MenuItem custom action problem.

by JerryHuang

Hi Devendra,
I alway navigate to,I am your fan.
I meet a problem on Sharepoint-hosted app now, want you suggestion
I create a MenuItem custom action of a document library in that Sharepoint-hosted app, I want to custom the Url in UrlAction
for example:
UrlAction Url = DynamicConverServerURL?ItemUrl={ItemUrl}&HostUrl={HostUrl}
DynamicConverServerURL this is a dynamic converserver url, which can be modified by user.
In order to achieve this I save the DynamicConverServerURL into the host web property, and want to read it by javascript.
UrlAction Url="javascript:PassItem2ConServ({ItemUrl},{HostUrl})"
But I am getting below error.
Error occurred in deployment step 'Install app for SharePoint': There were errors when validating the App Package.
It's solution ok for Sharepoint-hosted app, or is that any suggestion?
Best Regards

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