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SharePoint Tutorials on this website will help you and guide you throughout your journey with SharePoint.

This SharePoint training guide provides concepts for Administrators, developers and end users who are at various levels in their career. Learning with the help of these tutorials will be fun, so that you will get the most out of it while learning this technology.

This tutorial will explain lots of real-time scenarios so that you can practice in your development environment by preparing POC(proof of concept)s. This type of approach will build your confidence towards learning this technology. The more you practice, the more you get perfection.

"Practice makes human perfect"

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Everyone who works with SharePoint needto understand the OOB functionality. We would like to share various articles from now on related to SharePoint OOB. We have started with webparts that are available in each site template in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365. You can check the details in the below links for more information.

We always welcome your suggestions/thoughts/comments on this series of blog posts.

To begin with, please check here to understand what is SharePoint?.

We are dividing the tutorials into three main categories.

  • SharePoint Administration
  • SharePoint Development
  • End user experience

SharePoint Administration:

SharePoint administration is one of the key roles in any project.

If you are a beginner and you must know the roles and responsibilities of SharePoint administrator before learning the concepts related to administration. So that it will help you to go in the right direction while learning the concepts. Mainly you can set achievable goals for yourself to get started.

If you are going through some of the terms mentioned below for the first time, don't worry you learn about those terms soon.

So what SharePoint Admin do?

  • Managing and Monitoring the health of the servers.
  • Checking the disk space, cleaning the unwanted data from disks in the server.
  • Backup and Restoring the sites.
  • Managing SharePoint Permissions.
  • SharePoint accounts and sites configuration.
  • Checking about SharePoint Patches and cumulative updates.
  • Daily Reviewing Windows logs, SharePoint logs, check if there are any critical errors.
  • Applying patches based predefine approach that have been set for your project.
  • Checking the growth of database size from SQL server.

I have listed some of the major activities performed by  SharePoint administrator; there are many more activities.

You will learn about this as you read more about the administration.

After reading the above list did you get any idea how your profession will be if you choose your path as administrator?. Check the roles And responsibilities one more time to get more clarity.

Please check here to get started with the basic material for SharePoint administration.

SharePoint Search:

One of the most important concept is Search. Please check below articles on search in SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint Migration :

SharePoint Migration - New upgrade Process:

Please check the below articles on SharePoint migration from 2010 to 2013 and they divided into four parts. Part1 and Part2 describe the what are the new changes in SharePoint 2013 to upgrade from SharePoint 2010, what are the improvements in upgrade process available in the new version of SharePoint. 

Part3 and Part4 we will be working with POC (Proof of concept) on how to perform the SharePoint migration.

Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to 2013

Part1  Prerequisites for migration and new Approach

Part2  upgrade improvements

Part3  upgrade process by doing with POC

Part4   upgrade site collections with POC

SharePoint Development:

In SharePoint development, we will first start with basic artifacts like SharePoint lists, content types, site columns, etc. These are very basic and works as a foundation for future articles in this tutorial.

Check the below article on how to use the visual studio designer to create lists, content types, and site columns in Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint 2013.

One of the common requirement in development is developing SharePoint webparts. To know how to develop webparts using visual studio check the below article.

Please check below article on development in SharePoint tutorials on how to develop a basic app in SharePoint 2013 using Visual Studio 2012.

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Workflows in SharePoint will help to automate the process. Please check below articles on workflows in SharePoint.

End user:

Please check the article on what's new for end users in SharePoint 2013.

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