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In this post you will get various SharePoint Tips and Tricks that will improve your knowledge and troubleshooting skills which helps to complete the tasks and solve the issues in your day to day work life.

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Today tip is list of tools for SharePoint 2013 development.

@zimmergren posted a great list of development tools for SharePoint 2013. I am listing few of them here.

  • CAML designer 2013
  • SharePoint Manager 2013
  • ULS Viewer 
  • Developer Dasbboard
  • CKS Dev tools
  • SharePoint 2013 search tool
  • Fiddler
  • .......  many more :) .

Without further delays please check his blog here to know more about tools and have fun with SharePoint development.


To open webparts added to a page in maintenance mode add Contents=1 after the site url as query string. .

Once you have page in maintenance mode you can delete the webparts which you do not want to show on the page.


Building a development environment is always challenging with all the required hardware and software requirements. Now its a good news for the developers who want to learn the latest SharePoint 2013 by building the environments in Azure.

Now you can have the Virtual machines for each visual studio license ad well. Check here.

Tip: #Check Permissions:

One of the common error you get in SharePoint is related to permissions: For example

Access Denied saving Web Part properties: either the Web Part is embedded directly in the page, or you do not have sufficient permissions to save properties (Web Part 'Page Links').

If you read the error message you will come to know that there is some problems with permissions that user is having.

So how to check the permissions of that particular user in SharePoint. If you have four or five user groups where you will try to find the user name inside the group and you can decide what level permissions he has.

What if you have a large number of groups?

It's easy now to find the user permissions. From SharePoint 2010 onwards its become easy to find the user permissions assigned to a user even if you have any number of groups. The same approach used in SharePoint 2013 also.

To check user's permissions ..  

Go to [Site settings] [site permissions] under Users permissions click on [Check Permissions

You can enter either user name(email) or group name(email) in the below figure.

SharePoint permissions

Figure: SharePoint permissions.

Once you enter the details, click on Check Now button which will display the below figure.

You can see user "Devendra Velegandla" has Read permission levels which has been given via "First site Visitors" group.

SharePoint permissions

So based on the permission levels assigned to that user, you can assign the new permissions to the user to resolve the error. In this case you can assign the "Contribute" level permissions.

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