SharePoint Tips and Tricks - Part 4

Posted on May 7th, 2014

In this post we will share the SharePoint tips during this month[May Edition].

You can check the Part1 | Part 2 | Part 3 of SharePoint tips here.

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To display search results specific to custom scope in SharePoint 2010, you can set the scope in the search core results webpart location properties, so when ever user search for something the details will be displayed from the custom search scope.


One of the common issues we see, how to find the elements on the page so that we can change the color of them or hide them from the users etc. We can use IE developer tools (F12)  to find out the element Ids, CSSs used for those so that we can change them or hide them according to our requirement.

Another advantage is we can debug the Javascript code running on the page using IE developer tools. It is very handy when you want find or troubleshoot client side issues.


To open the page in "webpart page maintenance mode", use contents=1 as a query string on the page.


To see the page in "webpart page maintenance mode" use http://site/sitepages/default.aspx?contents=1


Use REST always compared to CSOM for implementing the specific functionality in SharePoint 2013 or office 365.

If you don’t have the REST API for implementing the required functionality, then you can leverage CSOM.

Always try to use CSOM with C# and REST with JavaScript not the other way around.


One of the most common mistake we do is not giving proper permissions while working with SharePoint apps when it is interacting with host web or with other services running in SharePoint. So make sure your SharePoint app has proper permissions to access the resources of host web or from SharePoint services. You can check the permissions for app under Appmanifest.xml file in your app project.


Today's tip may not technical one, but we would suggest you to visit and watch SharePoint 2014 and 2012 conference sessions in channel9. They are simply great. You will learn lot of new things. Let us know your thoughts on the same. Sometimes i would watch same more than once, lots of things you can learn just by watching them. Plenty of good sessions about SharePoint/Yammer/Office 365.

Let us know how many sessions you have watched and your thoughts about the sessions.


Always take the backup of OOB display templates before modifying them.

Most common tasks to customize the search results is changing the display templates. In most cases you need to make changes to OOB display templates during that time whenever you make changes to them take a backup of original one  and make changes or copy the existing displytemplates and copy them and rename them accordingly.


We come across common question in forums about storing data of single site collection in multiple content databases because the size of the content is growing. We need to understand all the content of site collection will be stored in one content database.We cannot store single site collection data in multiple content databases, but one content database can store multiple site collections. This will help us to do better planning of site collections and content databases in SharePoint.

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