SharePoint Tips and Tricks - Part 2

Posted on March 1st, 2014

SharePoint Journey will continue the tips and tricks section from this month on-wards. 

In this section we will share various tips regarding SharePoint/Office 365/Yammer which will help you to become experts in this technology.

From this month on-wards we have set a target to share a tip on daily basis to our readers.

Every month we will add a new page for tips and tricks section, so that it will be easy for our readers to refer it back.

The tips and tricks can fall into one of below categories

  • Tips that helps in our regular tasks we perform at our work.
  • Great information and experiences shared from the community experts.
  • Latest features of the SharePoint/Office 365/Yammer which will be useful in our regular work.

If you have any more categories, Please let us know we can add to the list here.

How  you can help other readers:

In this article you can also join by posting the tips and tricks which will be useful for our readers.

Please post tips and tricks you know about SharePoint/Office 365 /Yammer in the comments sections below.

We welcome you all to help others.

You can suggest us if there is better way or improvements to SHARE the tips and tricks.


Creating sites using web templates is very much required if you want to provision the sites with the required artifacts. To understand the details more about this, check this article.

Web templates are more advisable for FARM solutions.

If you want to provision sites in the cloud, it is Remote provisioning technique using provider hosted apps.


Office 365 now supports the multilingual support for Site columns,Content Types. If you are SharePoint on premise this feature is not available yet.


Microsoft recently released office 365 API preview . Now they have released "Office 365 API tools for Visual Studio -preview". So now we can access and use those API from Visual Studio. 

Please check here for more details.

SharePoint conference 2014 sessions has been published in Channel 9.  Please check this link to get all the recorded sessions.


New tool "Microsoft Sharepoint and VBA Code Analyzer" available for analyzing the code for SharePoint. If you want to move to latest SharePoint version check this tool.


In SharePoint conference 2014 Microsoft announced the future plan of forms in SharePoint and Office 365. 

Below are the Infopath forms replacements:

  • Excel Surveys
  • List Forms
  • Structure Documents
  • App Forms.

You can find below articles which explains more in details.

by Nik Patel , Tobias Zimmergren


If you are working on getting aggregated data in your office 365 site and want to know in which scenario you want to use Content Query webpart and where you want to use Content Search webpart, then please check this post post.


Are you trying to learn and explore more about yammer. These days i am also trying to explore and learn more about yammer.

I have come across a very goo resource about yammer.Check here for some good videos on Yammer.


Microsoft released the SharePoint online solution pack for branding and provisioning. This soluion pack comprises of five modules.

  • SharePoint site branding and remote provisioning 101
  • Inside SharePoint Pages
  • Building SharePoint sites and pages
  • Customizing site branding
  • Using apps for SharePoint to provision SharePoint site branding

The samples provided along with the solution pack is very useful. Get the solution package details here without further delay.


If you are at SharePoint conference 2014 then its great, if not Please check here for more details to get the new features and various updates about Microsoft products announced in SharePoint conference 2014.

Sahil Malik  did a great job to gather all the updates from SharePoint conference 2014.


Today we are sharing list of SharePoint administration tools.

Mark Jones from SharePoint community has done great job to put these tools together.

Please check here for list of SharePoint administration tools.


Today's tip is how to use PowerShell scripts in SharePoint online.

You can read this  article to connect office 365 with PowerShell scripts.

We have very limited number of CMDLETS in office 365 compared to on premise. So you can leverage the CSOM with PowerShell to perform various activities.

Check this  excellent article written by Chris on how  to use CSOM in PowerShell.

Do you have any Tips about SharePoint to Share with us?

I have alyways look to learn new tips and tricks in SharePoint, so If you have any tips that are awesome and want to share with us, please leave a comment or you can send it to me at Thanks in advance.

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