New SharePoint templates

SharePoint templates will help users to create the site based predefined features, styles etc. Whenever Microsoft releases a new version, they will come up with additional templates for sites creation.

In this post you will find the what are  the new templates available in SharePoint 2013 which will provide additional features and give more choices for the customer while selection of creating new site.

You will  also see what is the powershell command  that will be used to get all the available templates in SharePoint 2013.

There are few options to find the templates available in SharePoint 2013. One of the options to find the site templates is 

Go to [Central Admin] [Application Management] [Create Site collections under site collection section]

You can see that there are four sections under select a template Collaboration, Enterprise, Publishing and custom. In the below figure the select experience version is 2013.

SharePoint templates-2013

Please see the below figure for SharePoint 2010 version meetings is the additional template sections, but that has been removed in SharePoint 2013. And few some of the other templates have been removed as well.

SharePoint templates-2010

I have given the reason at the end of this article  on how SharePoint 2013 support both 2010 and 2013 experience version.

New Site Templates:

Below are the list of new templates available in SharePoint 2013. Some of them really excites the users are developer site and community site.

Community site has major improvements compared to the previous versions of SharePoint.


  • Developer Site
  • Project Site
  • Community Site

Developer Site:

Developer site templates are used to develop, test and publish apps for office and SharePoint. 

Developer Site

Project Site:

A Site for managing and collaborating on a project. This site template brings all Status, communication, and artifacts relevant to the project into one place.

Project Site

Community Site:

Community site template for Sharing the information across the organization. Community members discuss topics of common interest. Members can browse and discover relevant content by exploring categories, sorting discussions by popularity or by viewing only posts that have a good reply. Members gain reputation points by participating in the community, such as starting discussions and replying to them, liking posts and specifying best replies

Community Site


  • eDiscovery Center
  • Community Portal

eDiscovery Center:

A site to manage the preservation, search, and export of content for legal matters and investigations.

eDiscovery Center


  • Product Catalog

Product Catalog:

A Site for managing product catalog data which can be published in an Internet-facing site through search. The product catalog can be configured to support product variants and multilingual product properties. The site includes admin pages for managing faceted navigation for products.

Product Catalog

Get all SharePoint templates available:

We can use Get-SPWebTemplate powershell command to get all the available site templates.

#Example of using Get-SPWebTemplate to get list of site templates

Get-SPWebTemplate | FL name,title,CompatibilityLevel > c:\webtemplates.txt

It will generate the output in the below format.

Name               : GLOBAL#0

Title              : Global template

CompatibilityLevel : 15


To learn basics of  above Powershell command, Please check Get the Basics section in this article.


You have seen what are the new SharePoint templates available in SharePoint 2013. I would suggest you go ahead and create each template and explore it what are the extra features available so that will help you to understand which one to choose when you have a certain type of requirement. Hope this helps you going forward.

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