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Learn how to create a SharePoint survey in SharePoint 2013 and branching logic concept in the survey.

Create Survey:

To create the survey, go to [Site Contents] click on "add an app".

Click on Survey App to create a new SharePoint survey.

A pop-up will open where you can enter your survey name and click on create. The Advanced options can be used while creating the survey for entering the description of it.

After you create the survey, it will show the below dashboard with a few settings and options.

Under settings you have two options, one is to add questions to the survey and other is survey settings.

Add questions:

Let's go ahead and we will add the questions to the survey.

Branching Logic:

Add couple more questions which we will use for branching logic concept in SharePoint surveys.

You can define the Branching logic concept while working with Surveys. To add this logic, edit the question which you have created and select the questions under Jump to option against each answer in the first question.

If the user chooses Apps then they will redirect one question or if they select Social we will redirect the Survey to another question. In this example I am selecting both.

Once you have selected the branching logic and save the question. It will show that branching logic selected against that question under survey settings.


Case 1:

To start the survey click on "respond to this survey" option, then you will see below screen.

In this example I have selected "Apps" and click on Next

You can see in below screen that we can answer both the questions. This is because in the branch logic if we select the Apps next question is "What are the benefits of Apps in SharePoint 2013". The remaining questions will display due to the order of the them.

Case 2:

If i select social in the case 2, once i click on next it will only show the third question "What are the benefits of social feature in SharePoint 2013" not the question about Apps.

Graphical representation:

Once the survey has been submitted, you can see the "graphical summary of the response" from the Survey dashboard.

Survey responses:

From the responses section you can see what answer they have given for each question they have been responded to. As an administrator you can manage all these responses by the contributors of this survey.


In this article you have seen how to create SharePoint survey and how branching logic works in the survey.

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