SharePoint search is not working

You may get into issues with SharePoint search while maintaining the SharePoint applications.

In this post we will talk about a few reasons which are causing the search SharePoint portal issue where search scopes are throwing an error when we try to open the viewscopes.aspx page in SharePoint server.

This week I ran into an issue where search scopes page under site collection administration is not working.

When I try to find the error form the correlation Id that displayed below list of errors in ULS log files.

search scopes

Failed to get term store for proxy 'Managed Metadata Service'. Exception: system.ServiceModel.ServerTooBusyException

SearchServiceApplicationProxy::AddConsumer--Error occured: system.SericeModel.FaultException`1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]: The service implementation object was not initialized or is not available

To troubleshoot the issue, I have opened the central administration.

[Application management] [manage service applications]

Click on " managed metadata service application",  It throws the below error.

Managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available.

The Managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available. The Application Pool or Managed Metadata Web Service may not have been started. Please Contact your Administrator. 

Trouble Shooting the issue:

Note: Below steps need to be performed for all WFE servers if you have more than one WFE.

Issue 1: Metadatawbservice is not working:

Open IIS [Inetmgr].

Open the SharePoint web services section and check Metadatawebservice and try to browse the service see if you are able access it. If you are able to access the web service it if fine.

Metadata web service

Otherwise If service is not running then you need to try below below solution.


[System settings] [manage services on server]

Check for "Managed metadata service"  start the service.

If it is shown in starting mode then stop the service and start it again. Once you complete the step go back to IIS and try to browse the Metadatawebservice and this time it should work fine.

Issue 2:  Application Pool is not working:

The issue might be an application pool stopped or the account password got expired.


After resolving the Metadatawebservice issue, try to access Managed metadata service then if you will still get the error you can try to verify the below options .

  • Check the Application Pool of Managed metadata service is running.
  • Verify the account password has been expired or not.

After performing the above two steps if it does not work then try to create a new application pool and assign to the Managed metadata service.

Go to [Application management] [Manage service applications]

Click on Manged metadata services and click properties button on the ribbon control, it will show the below screen from that you can change the Application pool for the service application.

Application pool

Good now when I try to access the service application, I don't see any error. Good progress till now.

But after performing the above steps I am still having issues with my search scopes. It gave me a chance to look into the issue little bit deeper.

I try to analyze more on the issue and found the other reason, check the below section .....

Issue 3 :Search query and site settings service:

I have checked  "search query and site settings service" is not running or not.

Unfortunately it was not running :) in one of my WFE server.


So i went to the list of services section and try to find the "search query and site settings service"  and restarted by stopping and starting the service.

After completion of this step i was able to access the Search scopes in SharePoint server.

Hope this will be helpful.  Happy searching :) 

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