SharePoint Permissions

In this article you will learn how SharePoint permissions work. This post you will come across some of the basic activities of sharepoint administrator related to permissions are 

  • Create Permission levels
  • Add SharePoint Groups
  • Add users

Add Permission level:

Permission level defines what type of levels of permission we are providing to the users.

To check the default permission levels in site, Go to [Settings] under Users and Permissions Click on Site Permissions. It will display the site Permissions details then click on "Permission levels" on the ribbon control to see the OOB permission levels available in the site.

Site Permissions

It will display the below screenshot.

Permission levels

Some scenarios you may want to have your custom permission level to define the permissions for a group of users or individual user, then you will create a new one. To create new Permission level click on "Add Permission level" from the above screenshot.

You can enter the Name and Description and most importantly what type of permissions are required for that "Permission Level".

Add Permission level

Once everything is done, created Permission level will show under the list.

Permission levels

Add SharePoint group:

To check who all are the people having access to the site you can go to [Settings] under Users and Permissions click on "People and groups". 

It will display all the groups which are available in the site.

People and Groups
People and Groups

To add a new group, click on New and select "New Group".

Add Group

Enter the Name and About Me Description, who is the owner of the group. 

Add Group

You can select the permission level for that group, here we are selecting the custom permission level which has been created in the above step. So whatever the permissions applied to the "Students-Permissions level"  the newly created Students Group will have the same.

Add Group

You have created permissions level and Groups. Now you need to

Add Users:

To add users, go to the particular group and Click on New and select "Add Users".

Add Users

You can enter the user's details in "Add people to the Students Group" and Click on Share button to add users to the group. Once you click on Share the users will get added to the group.

If the group has custom permission then the users added to that group will have the similar permissions to the site.

Add Users


In this article you have seen how to create a custom SharePoint permission level, Adding groups and users which will use the same permissions.

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