SharePoint OOB Webparts in Publishing site

Posted on May 8th, 2014

For SharePoint developers/administrators/Power users/end users it is very important to understand the OOB functionality available in SharePoint. We would say all who work with SharePoint need to know about them. Please let us know if you disagree withus. One of the important areas to aware is the webparts available by OOB in various SharePoint site templates. In this post we would like to share comprehensive list of SharePoint OOB webparts in Publishing site available in SharePoint 2013. In future posts we will be discussing about each and every webpart available in SharePoint along with the use cases, so that it will help you guys to understand how the available webparts helps to achieve your requirements.

All of the below SharePoint webparts are available in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365(except Taxonomy refiner panel and SQL services reporting services webparts which we have highlighted below).

There 40 webparts in SharePoint on-premises and 39 in SharePoint online publishing site. The below screenshot is the second page from the web part gallery of your SharePoint publishing site.


  • Content and structure Reports
  • Documents
  • Form Templates
  • Images
  • Pages
  • Reusable content
  • Site collection documents
  • Site collection Images
  • Workflow tasks


  • Blog archives
  • Blog notifications
  • Blog tools

Content Rollup

  • Content Query
  • Content Search
  • Relevant documents
  • Summary Links
  • Table of contents
  • Term Property
  • Timeline
  • Xml viewer

Document Sets

  • Document sets contents
  • Document sets properties


  • Html form webpart
  • InfoPath form webpart

Media and content

  • Content editor webpart
  • Get started with your site
  • Image Viewer
  • Media webpart
  • Page viewer
  • Picture library slide show webpart
  • Script editor webpart
  • Silver light webpart


  • Refinement
  • Search box
  • Search navigation
  • Search results
  • Taxonomy refiner panel - not available in office 365

Search driven content

  • Catalog  Item reuse
  • Items matching a tag
  • Pages
  • Pictures
  • Popular Items
  • Recently changed items
  • Recommended Items
  • Videos
  • Web pages
  • Wiki pages

Social collaboration

  • Site users
  • User tasks

SQL server reporting services

  • SQL services reporting services -  not available in office 365

Have you worked with any of the webparts listed above?

Have you worked with any of the above web part, we expect your answer would be YES.If so, please share your experiences with us in the below comments section or email me @ devendra.velegandla at

If you have any questions about above SharePoint webparts, please share with us so we can discuss them here that helps all of us.

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