SharePoint links of the week [May 14]

SharePoint links of the week [May 14] edition is to share the useful links we come across while working/learning SharePoint, office 365 and yammer. We would like to share the useful links we have come across from the web, hope that the below links will be useful for you.

We found below links are very useful and learned new things. We are sure you will learn from the below links as much as we learned from these links.

Lets us go ahead and check what we have fro this week...

Office App model samples V2.0

Microsoft releases the second version of App model samples which covers various scenarios in SharePoint app development. In this version you can see various categories based on the type of sample. They divided them into four categories.

  • Components
  • Samples
  • Scenarios
  • Solutions

You can find plenty of examples using provider hosted apps, working with remote API, various samples and scenarios in this codeplex solution.

If you want to see any other examples or scenarios  or you want to share the samples, you can reach out to Microsoft by giving your feedback at In the next release they will turn this one to an open source project.

We have looked into few samples they are Awesome. Please check and let me know your thoughts as well.

Office 365 updates

Office 365 technology section on office blogs helps us to know the latest updates happening in Office 365.

Keep up your selves following them closely helps us what changes have happened recently how you can utilize the latest features so that your clients or companies will get benefit out of that.

SharePoint Provider Hosted App Walkthrough -Part1   and Part 2

As we are trying to create an app for various solutions, the above articles explains the importance of app development, how to prepare the development environment and how to create, provide hosted app in Azure which get details from host web and customize the look and feel of the provider hosted app so that it will not look like separated from the host web.

SharePoint load testing or Performance testing

Performance testing in SharePoint one of the important areas of delivery of the successful SharePoint solution. This article explains how load testing becomes easier with the latest visual studio development tools. Also explains common scenarios in OOB SharePoint specified below.

  • Document Management scenarios (upload / check-in / check-out / performing workflow activities)
  • Web Content Management activities (creating pages / adding web parts to pages / authoring page content on the page controls)
  • Browsing scenarios (Could be browsing pages that have content rollup webparts / searching for content / etc)

If you are new to the load testing or performance testing, its good read where you can understand how perfomance testing works in SharePoint.

Do you have any useful SharePoint links to share with us?

You are welcome to share the useful SharePoint links that you come across while working or learning with SharePoint. Please use below comments sections or send me an email at in Advance.

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