SharePoint links of the week [June 7]

Below one is the SharePoint links of the week [June 7] edition is to share the useful links we come across while working/learning SharePoint, office 365 and yammer.

We found below links are very useful and learned new things. We are sure you will learn from the below links as much as we learned from these links.

Office 365 learning center

Office 365 learning center has plenty of video tutorials that will help you to understand about office 365. Those videos explain how to use office 365 and their services, for example creating sites, lists, how to use email, how to collaborate with others, managing contacts etc. They are very good resources if you are starting with office 365. Go ahead and watch them to learn office 365.

JavaScript Object Model

David Mann fellow MVP had written an article on JSOM(JavaScript client object Model). In this article he explain how authentication works, importance of context and Architecture elements like batching, exception handling, asynchronous programming in JSOM. He also explains about the CRUD(Create, Read, update and delete) operations using JSOM in SharePoint 2013. If you are looking to learn about JSOM and how to use it when working with SharePoint 2013, this is a great article to start with.

How to gather effective SharePoint search requirements

Michal Pisarek fellow SharePoint MVP explains in a video on how to gather effective SharePoint search requirements. I found this is very useful because i was doing requirements gathering for Search for the first time. This video explains about Why are the requirements are required for search, search requirements overview and various techniques to gather search requirements.

Office 365 identity management

The PowerPoint slides and recordings for TechEd US are all published now about office 365 identity management. In this article you can get all the links to the Office 365 Identity Management talks and related articles that have been published recently.

10 Tips for writing JavaScript without jQuery

In this article the author shared very good tips on how to use JavaScript without using jQuery. These tips are helpful when you are working with simple pages where you don't need to use jQuery library, even though the jQuery library is still a great one that we have now.

Do you have any useful SharePoint links to share with us?

You are welcome to share the useful SharePoint links that you come across while working or learning with SharePoint. Please leave a comment or send me an email at in Advance.

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