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Happy children's day if you are from these countries, check for June 1 in the list :). This week is a very busy week for me and also very hot and humid here, I hope you are enjoying the weather in your place. If you don't know from where I am working now, let me tell you. I am working in Manila, Philippines from this January, especially in the month May it was so hot and humid. This may help you if you plan to visit Manila in the future :).

Let's jump to our SharePoint links of the week, I have been working with SharePont 2010 search and other implementations and have learned few new concepts here, for me at least.

In this edition we will share those useful links we come across while working SharePoint 2010, office 365 and yammer. We found below links are very useful and learned new things. We are sure you will learn from the below links as much as we learned from these links.

Crawling claims based authentication in SharePoint 2010

We were working on search functionality and try to crawl the web application which is using Forms based authentication(FBA) along with claims based authentication  and  it is not crawling properly. The other web application which is using an NTML authentication are getting crawled successfully. While troubleshooting the issue we have have found the below error in crawl logs against the content source we were crawling.

"Access is denied. Verify that either the Default Content Access Account has access to this repository, or add a crawl rule to crawl this repository. If the repository being crawled is a SharePoint repository, verify that the account you are using has “Full Read” permissions on the SharePoint Web Application being crawled. ( Error from SharePoint site: HttpStatusCode Unauthorized The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized. )"

So we understood that search is not working with SharePoint 2010 for web applications using FBA authentication along with claims authentication. When we are looking for the solution we have come across above link and this reference from technet forums.

Below are the steps at a high level to crawl the Claims based web application with FBA:

  1. Extend a web application to use an NTLM authentication.
  2. Modify the content source in the search service application to crawl the extended web application.
  3. Add server mapping in search service so when users search for the actual web application they will get content that has been crawled from the extended web application.
  4. Reset the Index.
  5. Perform full crawl.

Best approach to take control of search xsl

Last week I  had a question on search and posted in the yammer searchexplained. Matthew, fellow SharePoint MVP and search expert explained me, how I can display the images from the virtual folder in search results (where search results are coming from the external data, in my case SQL database). If you are customizing the search core results webpart the approach provided my Matthew was very good, you can take the xls and store in the style library of your site collection, so you can open that xls file in SharePoint designer where you have intelligence and version control whenever you make changes to the xsl. You can refer this xsl in the search core results webpart. The above article explains in detail and hope this helps you whenever you customize the search core results webpart.

Show thumbnail images in search results

In the search results, you will not get picture thumbnails by default. You have to add the file extension in search service administration and customize the search core results webpart in the search results page. The above article explains the details.

Search server not indexing the images

We have plenty of images with jpg and png extensions. So to crawl those images we have added the jpg and png extensions in the file types section of search administration in the search service application. After full crawl still we have not found them in the search results. Thanks to the above article, we had to do the index reset after adding the file extension and then full crawl to get the images in the search results.

Troubleshooting Search results display in SharePoint 2010

While working with search results customization we need to know for what properties the search displaying in the results. We can find out those details by displaying xml for the search results, the above link helps you achieve this. One of the examples is to display the thumbnails of the picture, one more if you want to show the additional details in search results based on metadata properties etc.

Searching external content using BCS

Searching the external content is always challenging compared to searching data within SharePoint. You can use Business connectivity services to crawl and display the external content in search results.The above link explains in detail, what steps you need to perform to crawl the external content.

.Net assembly connector for accessing external content

While working with external content using Business connectivity services (BCS) sometimes you might need to build .Net assembly connectors to search external data because the data type in the external existing database is Bigint or System.Int64 and it is not supported in external lists. This article covers lots of details about BCS and .net assembly connectors, check the below list of items that was covered in this article.

  • Types of external content types,
  • The Bigint problem,
  • Inspecting the XML of the BDC Metadata Model,
  • BCS terminology,
  • Creating a custom .NET assembly connector,
  • Debugging an ECT built on the custom .NET assembly connector,
  • Creating a data access layer using the Entity Framework 4,
  • Consuming (and building) a WCF 4 service,
  • Deployment,
  • Get IntelliSense support for BDC models,
  • Standard search support,
  • Creating a profile page,
  • Consuming a SQL Server table directly,
  • ECT Associations,
  • Secure Store support.

Image cropping library

Image cropping functionality is important where you want to maintain the same size of the images in your application. For an example, you have a public facing site where users can upload the photos, so you have to provide them option or force them to upload the fixed size images. In these scenarios you can use image cropping library to achieve the functionality. With the image cropping library, you can set aspectratio, minSize and maxSize properties so that the images uploaded by external users can be set to fixed size.You can check this example on how we can use Jcrop library to upload profile pictures in SharePoint for all users by admin with fixed size.

Do you have any useful SharePoint links to share with us?

You are welcome to share the useful SharePoint links that you come across while working or learning with SharePoint. Please use below comments sections or send me an email at in Advance.

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