SharePoint links of the week July 5

Posted on July 5th, 2014

We are working on public facing site in SharePoint 2010 where we need to display the external content in SharePoint site. So this week of SharePoint links  [July 5] edition is to share the useful links we come across while working/learning SharePoint 2010, Business connectivity services and security related issues.

Most of the below information We would like to share the useful links we have come across from the web, hope that the below links will be useful for you.

Tips for SharePoint developers while building BCS solutions

If you are planning to develop solutions using Business connectivity services(BCS), then this is one of the best resource to check out. In this article author explains about what are the important considerations you have to make while developing BCS solutions in SharePoint, especially if you are SharePoint developer.

What is BCS

In this article, you can learn about what is BCS, various terminology related to BCS. If you are new to BCS, then this would great article to start with.

Access Denied by Business Data Connectivity

This is one of the common security error you will get when you are working with BCS. This article explains about the permissions you need to provide to your content type from Business connectivity service application from central admin.

Extension less URLS using URL rewrite

While we are working with SharePoint 2010 public facing site, this is one of the requirement where sharepoint pages should not have the extensions for SEO. There are couple of rule we need to write in IIS to achieve this functionality. Read more about the details in the above link. Hope this will help someone who are looking for extension less urls.

WSP deployment using Powershell

This is common approach using Powershell when you are deploying multiple WSPs in SharePoint environment or removing the existing one and deploying the updated WSp. The approach is whenever we deploy multiple WSPs we need to wait for timer job to be complete execution of Install-SPSolution command to install the WSP and Uninstall-SPSolution command for uninstalling the WSPs .

Do you have any useful SharePoint links to share with us?

You are welcome to share the useful SharePoint links that you come across while working or learning with SharePoint. Please leave a comment or send me an email at in Advance.

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