SharePoint links of the week [May day]

SharePoint links of the week [May day] edition is to share the useful links we come across while working/learning SharePoint, office 365 and yammer.

Follow SharePoint MVPS in Twitter  and  Follow Office 365 MVPS in Twitter

Chris Givens fellow SharePoint MVP created a list of SharePoint MVPS and Office 365 MVPS along with their blog links and twitter details. He has written the PowerShell script which you can run to follow the MVPS. Here is the link for Powershell script to follow SharePoint MVPS.

You may have a question by now, why should I follow them on twitter. Before answering that let me tell you why i follow most of them. Microsoft MVPS always discuss about the real time challenges they face and post those in their blogs, discuss about the latest trends/topics, answering various questions in forums and in Yammer on Microsoft technologies. As I follow them, I come to know lots of information about the products, which in turns help me in my daily work. It's always a great feeling to be part of the SharePoint community in which we can learn a lot. We hope you also enjoy the benefits of being part of the SharePoint community.

Options to Improve SharePoint Content Query Web Part Performance

One of the common requirement in SharePoint sites is to roll up the content and that can achieved using CQWP. Even in Office 365 we might need to use the CQWP where users cannot wait search to display the results, especially on home pages of SharePoint portal. If you are trying to roll up large content CQWP create performance issues. In this article Nik Patel(@nikxpatel) discussed various options like show only the fields required, creating indexes for the SharePoint list fields, object cache and output cache to improve the performance. In this article he provided various good references for each option. Based on his observation output cache improved performance of CQWP significantly.We hope this might be helpful when you consider the CQWP to roll up the content in Office 365.

Ultimate diagnostic display template

In SharePoint 2013 we need to use, display templates for customization of the search results display. During the development of display templates we might have issues because sometimes managed properties doesn't return the data as expected. To troubleshoot those types of issues we can use this display template.

Do you have any useful SharePoint links to share with us?

You are welcome to share the useful SharePoint links that you come across while working or learning with SharePoint. Please leave a comment or send me an email at in Advance.

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