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Published: 12 October 2016

Today I wanted to share few links that I have been reading on SharePoint Framework. I hope this will be useful to you. 

If you are thinking what is SharePoint Framework? 

SharePoint Framework is a newly released model for developing solutions in SharePoint. SharePoint framework helps you develop solutions on the client side. 

Waldek Mastykarz has written amazing blog posts in this area starting from what is SharePoint Framework, how to develop client webparts using this framework, how to perform CRUD operations, Using React and Angular in developing the solutions using SharePoint Frame work and much more.

I strongly advise to follow him @waldekm to learn more about SharePoint Framework.

 Chris O'Brien, I would love to call him my online mentor have been writing some great posts as well in this area. I would strongly recommend to reading his blog to learn about SharePoint framework. 

You can follow him @ChrisO_Brien

 Elio Struyf, I read his blog a lot, especially for search customizations. He has written some cool blog posts on this area, I would suggest you read those.

You can follow him @eliostruyf 

If you are a developer, then you should start learning SharePoint Framework if you didn't start already. 

I am exploring the new tools and this development method. What about you, how is your experience with SharePoint Framework? Leave a comment below.

 That’s it for today.

 Action Items:

#1) If you saw any posts that you think has more value, please leave a comment below. I will add to the list.

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