Top10 SharePoint features

In this post you will learn top 10 SharePoint features in the SharePoint 2013 version.

Like every time Microsoft releases the new version of SharePoint, this time also it has come lots of new features which excite each and every one.

List of features:

1. Social:

In the list of SharePoint 2013 features, social have been improved a lot compared to previous version.

Please see the list below of available features in social.

  • Can have communities.
  • Users can Follow the documents, People, sites, tags, activities etc.
  • Easily share the content.
  • Improved my sites.
  • Save locally.

2. Search:

The major improvement is search in SharePoint 2013. In this version the FAST search is part of SharePoint search functionality.

Web analytics are also part of search to provide more robust reports.

Users can search by metadata, option of previewing the results while configuring the search results and content search webparts.

3. Apps for SharePoint:

Apps will be used to provide a  specific functionality of SharePoint sites. By releasing the Apps in this version of the Microsoft and calling everything is an app is making clear that the future is for apps because an end user prospective for them everything is App. Which is a good idea to call it early rather than late.

Please check here on App development in SharePoint 2013. 

4. Online:

  • Integration between Desktop and the platform.
  • Build for cloud.
  • Speeding up the delivery of new features..

5. ECM:

In Enterprise content Management below are new features available in SharePoint 2013.

  • Design Manager.
  • Cross site publishing.
  • SEO enhancements.

6. Workflows:

One of major change is how the workflows will be hosted in SharePoint 2013. It will run in a new service called WINDOWS AZURE WORKFLOW service which will be on a separate server from SharePoint so that in the SharePoint 2013 they have a chance to include loops in workflow actions. Because workflows run on a separate  server, the stability of SharePoint environment will improve.

Please check here on how to configure the Windows azure workflow.

7. Request management:

Request Management is the new SharePoint feature to control and manage the incoming requests coming through. In this we can set the rules based on the those requests will handled by different WFEs.

8. Drag and Drop:

For an end user prospective this is one of new SharePoint feature which will certainly improve the productivity.

9. Simplified Sharing:

Sharing is easy in SharePoint 2013. In the previous version we call it as assigning permissions for accessing the content of the site.

Please check the article here on Sharing and  Drag and Drop feature.

10. Branding:

For branding in SharePoint can be done by using HTML, CSS, images and so on and uploading them to design manager. The design manager can use to convert the HTML pages into master pages which can used in SharePoint.

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