Troubleshoot SharePoint Designer Workflow

Posted on July 17th, 2014

In this post you will learn how to troubleshoot SharePoint designer workflow using Log To History list action activity in SharePoint 2013. One of the common tasks we come across is how to troubleshoot workflows build by SharePoint designer if they are not running as expected.

We have created a video on how to troubleshoot SharePoint designer workflows.

Steps to troubleshoot SharePoint designer workflow:

  1. Open SharePoint designer and click on workflow tab.
  2. Select list workflow and choose Products from the list.
  3. Enter title and description of the workflow and select the platform type SharePoint 2013 workflow.
  4. If you are not seeing platform type SharePoint 2013 workflow on your machine then you need to configure workflow manager 1.0, if you are end-user ask your administrator for the help. This option available in Office 365 because it was configured for you.
  5. You can see here Stage: Stage 1, in SharePoint 2013 we have concept called stages in place of steps in SharePoint 2010.
  6. You can start type, for example log, it will show all the actions and conditions available in SharePoint designer workflow. In this case you will have one action which is “Log to the Workflow History” action. Click enter.
  7. Click on message link and you can type there directly if you don’t want to use any message otherwise click on the ellipse button, Type New product has been created.
  8. If you want to include the product name in the message, the click on “Add or change lookup” button in bottom left corner of the popup screen, then choose Data source=current item and Field from source is Title and click ok and click ok again.
  9. You can rename the stage as “Log workflow history”.
  10. Transition to stage, right click, click on go to Stage and select “End of workflow”.
  11. Click on check for errors.
  12. If there are no errors and click publish.

Test the workflow:

  1. Open the SharePoint site.
  2. Click on Products list.
  3. Go to workflow settings and verify that new workflow has been added under SharePoint 2013.
  4. Click on that workflow to see the settings from browser, if you want to change the workflow options that can be changed from here.
  5. Add an item in the product to test the workflow.
  6. Click on the workflow status link to see more details about it.
  7. Check workflow history details.


In this lesson you have learned how to use “Log to the workflow history” action in SharePoint designer workflow.

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