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In this article you will learn how to change your site theme and logo which are part of SharePoint branding in SharePoint 2013.

Change the Theme:

To change the site theme, go to [settings] [Site settings][Change the look] under Look and Feel section.

Once you click on Change the look, It will show all the available themes for that particular site template which you are working on.

If you choose any one of them from the available themes, then it will give an option to "Try it out" so that you can see the preview of your site without applying the actual theme.

In the below screen we have a preview of what we tried above. Here we have two options either we can keep it  by selecting "Yes, Keep it" or go to themes section to select the other one by clicking on "No, not quite there".

If we like the theme and selected the option to Ye, keep it, then the below screen shot displays how our site looks after confirming the theme we  have selected.

Site Logo:

To change the site logo go to [settings] [Site settings][Title, description and logo] under Look and Feel.

Browse the image you want either "FROM COMPUTER" or "FROM SHAREPOINT" options and click save.

Once you have applied the new logo we can see the same reflected on our site.


In this post you have learned how to apply a specific theme and logo for the site in SharePoint 2013.

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