SharePoint App using NAPA Office 365 development tool

Posted on July 21st, 2014

In this video you will learn how to develop SharePoint apps using Napa office 365 development tool.

In this session you will also learn.

  • How to Install Napa in your office 365 developer site.
  • Napa development console.
  • Managing project using Napa.

Steps to create SharePoint App using Napa office 365 development tool:

  1. Lets see how to Install Napa tool in your developer site.
  2. Open SharePoint developer site, Go to site contents. Clikc on Add an app, click on SharePoint store.
  3. This open SharePoint store where you can find “Napa office 365 development tool”.
  4. Click on Napa app and Add it.  Before adding the app to the site you have to trust it, because  this app requires “Full control permissions on site collection” and  access info of user. Lets us click on “Trust It”.
  5. Once you trust it app will get added to the site.
  6. Click on Napa app, It will redirect to the type of app you can build, by default it will be App for SharePoint. Enter project name as “Hello SharePoint App”  and click on create to create the project.
  7. Now this opens Napa development console.
  8. Search is to search within the project.
  9. Properties to represents the app project properties.
  10. Run Project to install the app to developer site.
  11. Retract App to remove the app from office 365 site.
  12. Open in visual studio : This option can be used to open the app in visul studio if you have visual studio installed in your local machine.
  13. Share project option helps to Share the project with others.
  14. Publish app can be used to publish the app to app packages list so that this can downloaded and uploaded to app catalog. We will talk about this in future lessons.
  15. Lets run the project.
  16. Once you click on run project it will get packaged, deployed to SharePoint site.
  17. You can see that app got deployed successfully.

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