SharePoint and Office 365 interview questions

We want to you to make awesome when you attend the interviews. This FAQ section is for you.

One of the important part of recruitment process is interview for any kind of job you apply.  Even if you have years of experience , you need to prepare for an interview :) because you mayn't be able to express about the concepts you have worked on. It is better to prepare so you will not miss the opportunity.

To keep that that in mind and also some of you have asked to share the interview questions so  we have added FAQs to our website.

How we are going to categorize the questions and answers? We will start with basic questions then move to intermediate and then advanced depends up on the role you want o apply for.The role can be developer or admin or power user. In the advanced we will try to cover the scenarios on different projects we and you have worked with. This is where we need your help or community help to capture lot of scenarios or questions from you as well based on previous interviews you have attended. 

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Let us add few common questions here that are frequently asked in interviews, we will update the answers soon. If anyone of you want to answer them or test your knowledge, please go ahead and provide your answers in the comments section below. Remember we are learning, no need to worry if your answer is incorrect. No one knows everything :) .

List of Questions

1. What is a feature in SharePoint?

2. Difference between site template vs Web template?

3.How to enable content types in list or library?

4. How to develop a custom action in SharePoint?

5. What are the new features in SharePoint 2013 compared to SharePoint 2010.

6. What is the difference between List and Library?

7. What are the different templates you have worked with?

8. What is a SharePoint Farm?

9. What are the databases got created when you configure user Profile?Can you explain about them?

10. What is a content source?

11. how do you customize list forms?

12. What is advantage of Info path forms vs List forms?

13. What are the types of workflows?

14, What is workflow manager?

15. What are display templates in SharePoint?

16. What is a web template? Did you develop any web template? Please explain how you have implemented one?

17. What are SharePoint apps(add-ins)?

18. What are the challenges you have faced while working with app model?

19. How to get data from host web to app web?

20. What is CSOM ? 

21. What is REST?

22. Why did you use CSOM or REST?

23. How did you develop a page layout in SharePoint 2013?

24. How did you use REST api . explain step by step.. How do u build rest query for the scenario

25.Difference between event receiver and workflow.?

26. how to use angular through REST API. step by step or logic kind of thing.

27. Which event receiver you have used and what logic u have used.

28. What parts of SharePoint on which u work in your project ?

29. Which type of add ins you have used in your project and why?

30. Difference between host web and app web?

31. Can we access host web data through app web?

32. Can we use content type from one site collection to other?

33. If we have 3 columns in site content type and we are applying to two list and now client wants different columns need to be added in both list , what will you do?

34.Event receiver scenario- need to check file size .. Which event receiver will you use?

35. How you were provisioning content types in your project.

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