Prepare Development environment for SharePoint Online

Published: 2nd December 2016

We always struggle to prepare development environment for SharePoint Online (Office 365) Development.

I struggled a lot when i wanted to learn the latest features getting released with every version of SharePoint.

We used to spend lot of time configuring the servers, buying new machines or enhancing the existing machines we have.

And with all these things we used to spend more money and sometimes we get frustrated because these things doesn't work easily :)

With Office 365 and Azure, Microsoft made our life much easier to get started with SharePoint Online Development.

That’s what we are going to do in this video series by answering below questions we always use to have.


Where to start?

How to Start with SharePoint Online Development?

What resources I need if i want to work with SharePoint Online?

Do i need to have MSDN license?

This video series aim to help you avoid all these obstacles that you come across.

This series is based on the blogs published by Chris O'Brien here.

I hope this video series will help you to start learning new concepts that being released by Microsoft. 

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Let’s get started.....

This is a six part videos in this first part of Jump start to SharePoint Online Development series on how to prepare your development environment.

#1: Sign-up for Office 365 Trial

#2: Sign-up for Azure

#3: Create a Virtual Machine in Azure

#4: Install Developer tools for Visual Studio 2015

#5: Create Developer Site collection

#6: Create App catalog

#1 : Sign-up for Office 365 Trial: 

This video explains on how to sign-up for Office 365 Trial which is valid for 30 days.


#2: Sign-up for Azure:

Once you sign-up for Office 365 you can sign-up for Azure Trial which will be free for 30 days.

Watch below video and sign-up for Azure.


#3: Create Virtual Machine in Azure:

Next step is creating a VM in Azure. We will be provisioning a Visual Studio 2015 VM.

Watch the video below on how to provision the Visual Studio 2015 VM .


#4: Install Developer Tools:

Once you provisioned the Visual Studio VM you should have Visual Studio 2015

But you need to install additional developer tools to build your first Add-in. So watch this video and install the developer tools.


#5: Create Developer site Collection:

In this video you will learn how to create a developer site collection.

This site collection will be used to test the Add-ins you will be developing in future.


#6: Create App Catalog:

If you have developed and tested your add-in using developer site collection it’s time to deploy this.

To use the Add-in in other site collections within your organization you need to create App catalog which is central location where you will be deploying the add-ins. Once you deploy your add-ins then you can install them in the respective sites within your organization.


What's Next?

We will be discussing various tools we use in SharePoint Online Development in next week... stay tuned...

Do you want to learn more about SharePoint Online Development? Click the image below and enroll in the FREE course.

Action Items:

Would mind doing two things below.

Thing#1: Prepare the development environment using the above steps

Thing#2: Leave a comment below if you get stuck with anything while preparing the development environment and what you would like to see in this series.

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