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Published on 15th, August 2018

I am happy, humbled and honored to share with you all that I received Microsoft MVP award for 2017 which is the 5th time in a row from Microsoft. 

From last four years I was getting this award in the new year i.e. on January 1st, but due to recent changes in the award, we are getting this on July 1st. 

It is always a great feeling when I receive this email from Microsoft. Last year I was fortunate to meet a lot of new people in the community and had an opportunity to share my experiences and also learn from them. 

I hope this year I can contribute more (write a number of blog posts, create more videos, meet more people, present more quality sessions ) this year compared to last year. 

Thank you

Thank you, Microsoft for the award and the SharePoint and Office 365 community for your support.

Special thanks to You. You have been reading my blog and providing inputs and suggestions on areas to improve.

I am so grateful to you guys for reading my blog posts, watching videos and taking the courses that we have created.  You have always been my encouragement do more. I really appreciate you. I hope I will continue to share more with you. 

What is the Microsoft MVP award?

The MVP award is a unique title given to the community experts, and it is not a test or certification that can help you to get this award.  It is based on contributions to the community. Its valid only for one year. The contributions can fall into any one of these categories such as answering questions in forums, writing blog posts, speaking engagements (either local user groups or international), writing books, Publishing videos and everything in between. 

Here is a link the learn more about the program.

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Devendra Velegandla is a five-time recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award (2014-2019) for Office Apps and Services, Office Servers and Services MVP and  SharePoint Server. He received the MCC award for his contributions in Microsoft MSDN/TechNet forums. He loves sharing articles, videos, and tutorial on SharePoint and Office 365.