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Office 365 helps the business time and money by increasing the productivity of work together and collaborating. So how office it helps? We will talk about that in this post.

Let's say you want to start your business. What are all required for starting a business? Think....

For an example you need email with your company email id, website for your company, want to store the documents and communicator.

To have the above requirements of your company you need to have required Hardware, software and maintenance of those (which is very much expensive in a long term).

Hardware always costly if you want to have even for the basic things you want. On top of it you need to buy a software and upgrade it whenever there are changes to it to get the latest features associates with those.

Please see the below figure how the traditional environment looks like.

Traditional environment

Whenever we talk about business its all about time and money, too Have basic needs of your business you need to spend a lot of time to think about what is the best hardware and software for your company and Maintaining those in a long term and  which will lead to more money to Just start with your business.

You can see the below figure how office 365 environment looks. In this case all the servers will be in a hosted environment, more over you don't need to buy hardware and software so no maintenance :).

All these will be taken care by Microsoft. It encourages lots of small businesses to have their own web-based services. What are web-based services? Outlook for email, Lync for Instant messaging, Website, office webapps- word, excel, power point etc. Where you can communicate through the web.

o365 environment

How you can get access to those services?

It is available in various packages based on the services that will be provided. Suppose  your organization wants only only email services, yes you can get it with the help of the Exchange Online plan. How o-365 encourages the small business, it will provide all the web-based services on a monthly subscription.

Microsoft is providing various plans You can choose what is the best plan for your organization.

This is the main reason why small business organizations are so much excited about this product because it offers lots to them. You pay for what you use is the new economics introduced with the help of o-365.

What is office 365:

Office 365 is a combination of

  • Exchange online.
  • SharePoint online.
  • Lync online.
  • Office professional plus.

Exchange online:

Below are the list of features that are available in Exchange online.

  • Voice mail with unified messaging.
  • Integrated personal archiving.
  • Retention policies.
  • Exchange control Panel.
  • Free/busy coexistence.
  • Cross-premises management.

SharePoint online:

Below are the list of features that are available in SharePoint online.

  • My sites to manage and Share documents.
  • Access documents offline.
  • Improved team and project sites
  • Document level permissions to improve security.
  • Share documents securely with external users.
  • Cross-site collection search.

Lync Online:

Below are the list of features that are available in Lync online.

  • IM and presence.
  • Video calls with Lync.
  • Click to Lync in office.
  • Ad-hock content Sharing.
  • Virtual meetings with Audio/video/web conferencing.

Microsoft office:

Below are the list of features that are available in Microsoft Office.

  • Flexible service offering with per-user licensing.
  • Complete office experience with services integration in o-365.
  • Always the latest version of office apps.


In this Article we have seen why office 365 encourages small business organizations and what is office 365.

What are the features available in Exchange online, SharePoint online, Lync Online and Microsoft office.

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