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Published: 11 November 2016

In this video series you will learn everything about Modern Document Library. These videos explains all the new features available in Modern document library.

This is a 12 part video series which is of 1 Hour length only on Modern document Library. 

This video series is targeted for the end users of SharePoint, but as a Developer or Administrator you should know the latest features available so you can build solutions accordingly :).


The first video explains the overview of what are the features of Modern document Library.


This video series covers below topics on Modern document Library.

#1 Overview of Modern Document Library

#2 Create Documents

#3 Upload Documents

#4 Pinning Documents

#5 Move Documents

#6 Copy Documents

#7 Quick Edit

#8 Details Pane

#9 Search Documents

#10 Alerts

#11 Create Columns

#12 Check Out/ Check In/Version History

Create Documents:

The below explains how to create different types of documents in the document library


Upload Documents:

The below video explains how to upload documents:


Pinning Documents:

There are lot of new features available in Modern document libraries which will improve the end user experience. one of my favorite is Pinning the documents, this feature helps you pin three documents in your library among all the documents which are available.

This video explain how to pin the documents:


Search Documents:

#2 most feature i like is search the documents with in the document library. In the modern document library the search feature is at the left side compared to the classic Libraries.


Details Pane:

#3 is details pane where you can see the information of the particular item. On the right hand side of the below screen you can see the properties, Sharing and Information about the document.


Move Documents:

In this video you will learn on how to move documents from one folder to other folder within the document library.


Copy Documents:

In this video you will learn on how to copy documents from one folder to other folder within the document library.


Quick Edit:

In this video you will learn on how to edit the properties of multiple or single documents.


Creating Alerts:

In this video you will learn how to create alerts for individual documents or for entire Document Library.


Create Columns:

In this video you will learn

  1. How to create columns
  2. Create views and modify the views
  3. How to update the column settings.

Check out/Check In /Version History:

In this video you will learn

  1. How to check Out a document
  2. How to Check in a document
  3. How to view the version history of the document

Action items:

#1) Create a Modern document Library and explore the features available.

#2) What is one feature you like most or do not like in Modern Document Library? Leave a comment below. 

#3) Leave a comment below if you have any questions on these concepts.

I hope you find these videos helpful.

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