Managed navigation in SharePoint 2013

Published on 15th, August 2018

In this video you will learn how to create Managed navigation in SharePoint 2013 online.

Steps to configure Managed navigation in SharePoint 2013

  1. Go to site settings, under site administration click on Term store management.
  2. Create a new group called Global Navigation.
  3. Create a term set called Global Navigation.
  4. Create terms “Home”, “Workflow” etc.
  5. Go go global navigation, select Intended use this term set for site navigation.
  6. Com back to each term you created, select Navigation and click on Simple link or Header. and click on Browse, choose the url with in the site and click ok.
  7. Comback to site settings and click on “Navigation” under look and feel.
  8. If it is not available then you need to activate publishing feature.
  9. Now choose the Managed navigation under Global navigation and select the term set to be used for global navigation anc click ok.
  10. Now you can see that managed navigation is available.


In this video you have learned how to use managed navigation in SharePoint 2013 online.

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