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Published: 25 November 2016

Do you remember the days we use to buy bigger configuration machines for installing SharePoint to learn about it.?

Do you remember when we struggle to configure SharePoint to learn latest features of SharePoint?

I still remember the days where I have to upgrade my machine when Microsoft released SharePoint 2013.

sometimes i need stop search service so that my machine runs faster, lot of articles also published on how we can learn SharePoint 2013 with minimum configuration?.

We use to spend hours of our time to configure the environment to practice and learn whats latest. Do you remember, i still remember those days :)

Given the technology is evolving fast, you don't have to worry all these now.

You don't have to spend money to upgrade your machines :)

so you may ask how we will practicing and learning latest and greatest features released by Microsoft.

That is what I am planning to do a video series on you can learn SharePoint online development using this Jump start video series. 

Are you ready?


Below are things I would like to share as part of this series. 

#1) Prepare Development environment 

We always struggle to prepare development environment for SharePoint Online (Office 365) Development. 

I struggled a lot when i wanted to learn the latest features getting released with every version of SharePoint.

We used to spend lot of time configuring the servers, buying new machines or enhancing the existing machines we have.

And with all these things we used to spend more money and sometimes we get frustrated because these things doesn't work easily :)

With Office 365 and Azure, Microsoft made our life much easier to get started with SharePoint Online Development.

That’s what we are going to do in this video series by answering below questions we always use to have. 

Click Here to prepare the development environment.

#2) Tools required for developing SharePoint solutions

In this post, you will learn about tools for SharePoint Online Development. If we find new tools that will be useful, then I will be adding new tools as we go along with this series.

Click Here to learn about tools required for developing SharePoint Solutions

#3) Developing your first Add-in

You might have built your first Add-in by the time you are reading, or maybe you are brand new to SharePoint Online Development. Whatever maybe your situation I wanted to introduce this with a real world application.   

Below sample applications, most of them require workflow so in this post we will be developing an approval workflow with in the Add-in using Visual Studio 2017.

You could use any one of the below applications if you wanted to try  

  • Leave Request  system 
  • Training system 
  • Travel Request  
  • Recruitment system   
  • Help Desk system  
  • Product Approval and so on....  

Just take one of the example systems above and build your first Add-in so you can learn more rather firing Visual Studio and creating an example Add-in  In this post, I would like take Travel Request system as an example. This is one of the typical application most of the organization uses for maintaining the travel requests. 

Click Here to Develop your first Add-in in SharePoint

#4) Deploy and upgrade your Add-ins

#5) Angular in Add-ins

#6) Develop a webpart using SP Framework

The goal of this series is you will be able to build a sample project in SharePoint Online (Office 365) by the time we complete this series.

Click Here to learn how to develop webpart using SharePoint Framework

I will also share my experiences, tools i use and approaches i follow with you in this video series.

Do you want to me to add anything else, Please leave a comment below?

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