How to enable Manage Content and Structure in SharePoint 

One of the coolest feature in SharePoint 2010 is Manage Content and Structure which will help you to manage your site content. To activate this feature you need to activate a couple of features. In this post we will see what those features are and solve the errors which activating those features. Let's get into the action.

Activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature:

To activate the feature Go to [Site Actions] [Site Settings]  Click on "Site Collection Features" under [Site collection Administration].

Now activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure, most of the times it will get activate but sometimes you will get the below error.

Publishing Feature Error

The next step is how to resolve this?. If you read the description itself while trying to provision the site "Edit menu" xml has not been provisioned properly.

So now we need to force the issue to activate the feature. You can activate the feature using force with the help of powershell or stsadm.

Using Powershell:

Using Stsadm:

Activate SharePoint Server Publishing:

To activate the feature Go to [Site Actions] [Site Settings]  Click on "Site Features" under [Site Actions].

Now your ready to use the "Manage Content and Structure" in SharePoint. To access the feature go to [Site Actions] click on "Manage Content and Structure" menu.

If you want to access directly using sitemanager.aspx under Layouts folder, see the below sample url to access.


In this post you have learned how to enable Manage Content and Structure feature in SharePoint 2010.

› Mange Content and Structure in SharePoint 2010

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