Develop workflows in SharePoint - Part 2

Published: 8 June 2017

This is the second post of this series, we will be creating some of the prerequisites for creating the workflows in SharePoint. 

Lets start..

Creating List in Office 365

Lab Exercise 1: Set up Office 365 and Create Site Collection.

Task 1: Creating List

Naming conventions: list and libraries calling as apps. So each list is an app.

Before proceeding to list creation. Complete Content types creation, is the best practice.

In this exercise you are going to do

Task 1: Creating list

Task 2: Adding Content types

Task 3: Adding columns 

Task 4: Adding to default All Items View

Task 1: Creating List

To create a list,

1.     Click on + New button (or)

2.     Go to add an app page.

 1.    Click on + New button: 

 Step 1. This is available only with modern lists and it allows you to create only custom list.

Step 2. Enter List Name, description and select check box if you want to show in left navigation.

Step 3. Click Create button. 

Step 4. Go to either site contents page or directly add to left navigation (if you select checkbox while creating). Open list by lick on the list/app. 

Step 5. By default custom list/app contains only one column ‘Title’. To add more columns either click on + button (available only in modern lists) or go to list settings (Task 2 and 3 explains in detail). 

2.    Go to add an app page:

To go to add an page

a.     Left Navigation à Site Contents  add an app

b.     Click on Site Settings icon à Site Contents  add an app

c.     Click on Site Settings icon à Add an app

Step 1. Choose any navigation and come to add an app page. If you are in site contents page click on add an app as shown below.

Step 2. This page displays all existing model apps from 1-16, choose which app you want to create. Each app contains different set of columns. 

Step 3. Here I selected Tasks app. It opens a small window, enter name and click Create button.

Step 4. You can see the newly created list/app in site contents page. 

Step 5. List creation done. Click on the list to make changes.

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 Task 2: Adding Content Type

Adding columns by adding Content Types is the best practice. Default Content Types section is invisible. To make it visible we need to change advanced settings.

 Step 1. Site contents à Click on List name à Click Site Settings icon à List Settings.


Step 2.  Click on Advanced Settings

Step 3. Select Yes for Allow management of content types? And click OK button.

Now Content Types section is visible and default CType is Item.

Step 4. Click link Add from existing site content types. 

Step 5. It opens Content Types page. Select Content Types group, it displays content types in left multi selection drop down.

 Step 6. Select content types and click on Add button, it will add Ctypes to right multi selection drop down.

Step 7. Click Ok Button.

Step 8. You can change default content type for your list. For that click on Change new button order and default content type. 

Step 9. Click OK.

Task 3: Adding Columns

Step 1. To add columns we can follow two ways modern and classic. 

Step 2. In modern list, you will get + symbol, simply click on + symbol and then proceed. Default columns it will add to default view All Items.

Step 3. Click + symbol Select column type  Enter column name  Create button

 Step 4.  In classical way we need to go to List Settings.

 Go to List settings  Create column (to create completely new). Else click Add from existing site columns. Existing columns can be default system provided or created by you.

Step 6. Follow same process as Site columns creation. 

Step 7. Ensure below options are selected else you have to do it manually. 

Add to all content types

Add to default view

Task 4: Adding to default All Items View

To change default view, in modern list need not go to list settings, in classic lists we need to go to.

 Step 1. Click All Itemsà Edit Current View

Step 2. It open View page. In this page we can perform many operations. Let us concentrate now only on columns and their ordering.

As shown below, from Display column select columns what do you want to display in the view, change the order of the columns from Position column and click OK button.


In this post you have learned how to create list, content type and associating the content type with list. In next post you will be learning how to create a workflow using SharePoint Designer.

To learn more about Building workflows, click the image below and enroll in the FREE course.

Your Turn

Do you have any specific things related to workflows that you want me to cover as part of this series?. Please leave a comment below, so i can include those as part of this series.

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