Deploy wsp to 14 and 15 hives in SharePoint 2013

This article will help you deploy wsp to 14 and 15 hives in SharePoint 2013 using SharePoint product version.

SharePoint 2013 provides the backward comparability for sites that can be created in SharePoint 2010. This can be achieved with the help of  files located in 14 hive. So whenever you install the SharePoint 2013 you will have  14 and 15 hives.

If you want to deploy the same custom components for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 sites you need to use the SharePoint Product version defined in the solution manifest file.

The below figure represents the properties of the package of the solution. You can see that SharePoint Product version in the below figure is set to 15.0, so  that  means the solution will get deployed to 15 hive.

SharePoint product version

Please see the manifest details in below code snippet. I have changed the SharePoint Product version =14.0 so that it can be deployed 14 hive.

Note: You need to have different  solution names and Ids for 14 and 15 hives that you want deploy.

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