CustomActionGroup in SharePoint 2013

Posted on February 15th, 2014

In this article you will learn how to develop custom action group in SharePoint 2013 using declarative approach with the help of Visual Studio.


1.       Open Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013.

2.       Click File – [New] – [Project]  - SharePoint solutions.

3.       Select SharePoint 2013 – Empty Project template.

4.       Name the project “SharePointProject_CustomActionGroup” or name as you likeJ.

5.       Enter the site you want to debug and select Farm solution.

6.       Right click on the project-[Add]-[New Item]- choose Empty Element and name it as “SharePointJourney”.

After creation of empty element your project structure will look like below.

7.       Open Elements.xml file and paste the below code by replacing all existing tags inside the Elements.xml.

Based on our xml, we can see that location is Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings, so this custom action group can be found under site settings option. 

8. Open Feature1 from the project and change the title and description accordingly. More importantly move the emelements.xml file to right hand side to deploy customactiongroup using feature.


9.       If you want to activate the feature manually go to Project properties - select sharepoint –Set Active deployment configuration to “No Activation”.

10.       Right click on project to deploy the solution. Always keep an eye on Output window in visual studio to know what is happening behind the scenes.


11.       Go to [Site settings] - [Manage site features under Site Actions]- activate your feature, here “SharePointProject_CustomActionGroup”  Feature1”.

13.       If you go to Site settings now you will not be able to see, why? Because currently we don’t have a custom action associated to the CustomActionGroup, but how we can validate the component.

14.       Go to 15 hive, Features folder.

       C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\FEATURES.

    You can see that feature has been deployed and files inside the same.

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