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First of all, thanks for your interests to sponsor my community activities in exchange of advertising for your company or product.  To begin with, here are some info that you will probably want to know.. Statistics!

June 2015 Google analytics

Below is the screenshot captured from my web site google analytics, i hope this provides details about the visitors, page views and other details you want.

Those were the stats, now here are some of the sponsorship options that I offer. Please note all prices are in US Dollars!


Our reviews are detailed, complete and honest. You will get to approve it before it goes public.

1 Review written by me and published on is 250$.

The Link to the Review can also be added to the SharePoint Journey Newsletter, sent monthly to over 500+ people.

Banner Ads

For the banner ads, there are two sizes:

1 month big banner (above every blog post) on = 200$.

3 month small banner ad (Right Pane) on = 200$.

I hope that answers all your questions! If you are willing to know more or decided what advertising options you want, please contact me by adding me on LinkedIn and sending me a message! 

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