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 If you are into one of the below categories, then you are in right place 

#1 ) You are working with SharePoint and wanted to learn more about it (or) 

#2 ) You are an end user who wants to explore what are the latest and greatest features of SharePoint (or) 

#3 ) You wanted to start your career on SharePoint (or) How I can learn SharePoint 

#4 ) You are a Power User who wants to help your users to improve their productivity 

#5 ) You wanted to improve your SharePoint development skills

Fig: @PHINUG MSDN session

What do you get from this site?

SharePoint-Journey website Provides various videos/articles on SharePoint to get started on SharePoint.

We have free courses on SharePoint that will help you learn the concepts in a methodical way so that you can spend less time and gain more knowledge.

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who am I:

I am Devendra Velegandla, three time Microsoft MVP. I am a SharePoint/Office 365 lead developer having more than nine years of experience working with Microsoft technologies. 

I love sharing articles, videos, and tutorial on SharePoint and Office 365.

Fig: @PHINUG MSDN session

How did I start:

Started my career as asp.net developer, later slowly transitioned to SharePoint. It was a long journey :).

Initial days worked with MOSS 2007 then from there on worked on different version till now with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.

I am also exploring more about latest features of SharePoint on-premises and online and I will share my experiences on this blog. 

Mostly watches cricket whenever I get a chance :) and spend time with my daughter and family. 


Best Regards,

Devendra Velegandla

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MVP - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 - 2019.