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You can enroll for these webinars (on demand) to enhance your knowledge on SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online (Office 365). You can watch these webinars on your own time. We will be adding the sessions to the list of webinars where you could watch them online. 

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This month Live Webinar:

JQuery in SharePoint

If you are working on SharePoint Online Development then learning Client side technologies is very important . This webinar can help you to learn JQuery in SharePoint using which you can build SharePoint solutions.

In this Webinar you will learn below concepts:

  • Introduction to JQuery and get started with 
  •  Why do you need to learn client side coding 
  •  Customize List forms using JQuery 
  •  How to troubleshoot issues related JQuery 

we will be conducting a live webinar on SharePoint Online/Office 365 Search fundamentals on 31st October 2017.

On demand Webinars:

You can watch on the previous webinars that we have done for our readers. Click the button below under each cattery and enter the details to get access to the webinars.

Get Started with SharePoint Online Development:

  • How to get started with SharePoint Online Development
  • You will learn how to build a environment to practice SharePoint
  • You will learn the tools required for developing solutions in SharePoint Online
  • You will learn how to Develop SharePoint Add-ins

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Provider Hosted Add-ins Development:

  • You will learn how to develop Provider hosted Add-ins
  • You will learn Azure Web apps
  • You will learn how to deploy Provider Hosted Add-in in Azure
  • You will learn about Authentication in Provider Hosted Add-ins
  • You will learn differences between Low Trust vs High Trust Provider Hosted Add-ins

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