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When to create Sub site

Published: 31 September 2016

In this video you will learn when to create a sub site.


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Is going to be the important thing is going to be the permissions where I can provide a different kinds of permissions while creating the site for each department. Next thing will be if I want to isolate lists and libraries. For example, Department A, I don't want to see the lists and libraries created by Department B. That's where we will be creating site. And the next one would be, we have seen site features also, right? Not only the site collections features. Each site comes up with different setup features. So, if I want to use those features, then I'll be creating the site. And the next one is unique template features. This template provides the set of features, whenever we want those unique features. For example, if I go to the blog site here, that provides you two different kinds of features. That's at the template level, if I create a blog. If I create a community site that provides a set of a different features, so that's where I'm going to create a new sub-site. These are the four important criteria whenever you want to create a subsite. One of the common scenarios we see are the one which I developed in applications when I create the subsites especially with the department level. Let's say, we found someone who could create a subsite, if I just create a subsite and give them access, they will be the one managing everything. So, I don't have to do anything. And other important thing would be isolating lists and libraries. Let's say Project A don't want to use Project B lists and libraries, then that's where we will be using a different subsite. This is how that happens. Let me show you. We created a department subsite, and I'm going to add another department or the project subsite here. Type here project. And let's use another template or the other project site. I'm going to create this. And we have already a department site. And if you go to site content, I have here site assets, documents, site pages, and it creates a new subsite. Then you see here, it provides different kinds of features. It provides a task list, a calendar because this is based on the project's template. So that is what we are doing here. It provides a unique... Whenever we need a unique template features, that's why we'll create a new subsite. And let's add a new list here, announcements. Select the announcement template. Added a new listing in this subsite, and if you go to this subsite which is for the department, I don't see that list. So we're basically, what we are doing here is we are isolating the lists and libraries between the subsites or the sites. So that's where we are going to create a subsite. Or we can create this one for multiple departments and they might upload their own documents getting those subsites even here. And when it comes to permissions, so if I go to site settings, and here the site permissions, as of now, which is using same kind of permission. But what we can do is, we can change these permissions or remove these permissions for this particular subsite, then that's where you will be creating a subsite also. If I go to site settings, I see only manage site features. Subsite will have only site features. But, whereas if I go to site collection level, I see the site colection features also. So, if I go to site settings, and I see a lot more settings here. So, if I want to enable specific site features, so that's where I'm going to create a subsite. Then if you compare the features that are available here with the new site we created, let me go to the Department 1, so I have a Department site here, go to site settings, and manage site features here. So, if you see some of the features, it will be different to what was activated also here. And there are lot of features that has been activated here, compared to this particular site. The number of features that will be activated across the sites will also vary and that depends on the template you want to use.

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