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Sign-up Office 365 Trial

Published: 30 August 2016

In this video you will learn about how to setup Office 365 E3 Trial.


In this video you will learn about Sign-up Office 365 Trial.

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In this video, you will learn how to set up Office 365 E3 Trial Version, so just search for Office 365 E3 Trial then click on the first link that is available. Then from there, click on a Free Trial button that is available there. Then you need to fill the information that is available on the first screen. So the country, first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number so let's try to fill that information. Once you fill all the information that you need to enter, then select just one more step, which is going to ask you to choose a username and your company. So here, I'm saying SPJSchool, and it should be unique, if not you need to enter the different name. Then enter the password and confirm your password. Once you are fine, just click on the e-mail checkbox or any one of the option. Then click on Create My Account, then it will create your user ID, but you need to select your country and enter a phone number so that they will text the message. Once you get the text message, enter the code, and if you click Next, you are ready to go now. Your Office 365 Trial is available. So here, a lot of things available, once you sign up, you can click on Admin, then you can go to SharePoint, in it and click on the first URL, which is available, which will be redirecting to the team site that got created with the free trial E3 set-up.

If you look at this site, this is a team site, this is using one of the default templates that is available in SharePoint. Again, the main idea for SharePoint is to build intranet sites. Where your users can collaborate, and upload the documents, and store the information and find the information that is being stored.

That is what you will be learning in the future lessons that we are going to see. If you haven't set up or if you don't have any instrument that you can work with, I would suggest to sign up for Office 365 Trial Version and leave a comment below if you have any issues signing up Office 365.

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