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SharePoint Classic Library

Published: 4 September 2016

In this video you will learn about What is SharePoint Classic Library.


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Next one is document library. This is where we are bringing all of our recordings. So what is document library? Something similar to list, but for the documents. Documents in the sense [inaudible 00:00:14] so what we are doing here was we were uploading our recordings to this particular document label we saw in our planning site.Here, and I was creating folders and uploading video files, the recordings which we have done, and also the PDF files. This is basically for the PDF. And I have a different set of information here also, when it was modified and who has modified this and all that information will be available in our document library. So I can do lot more things, I can upload, I can sync these documents with my local computer. As of now we have name, modified, modified by body. If I want additional information, I can go to the files, I can click on edit properties and see what the different details that are available. So now I can delete the document, I can add an alerts also for this particular document library. All I would suggest is create one list, a library then explode all these options.

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