Products & Courses

Jquery in SharePoint

Your first step towards client side development

Step by Step training program to learn JQuery to build client side solutions in SharePoint Online (Office 365) or SharePoint on-premises

  • You will learn some of the foundation for client side development.
  • You will learn about functions, variables and Objects.
  • You will learn about how to debug JavaScript code which is very important for any developer to learn.

Getting  Started with SharePoint Online Development

Online course to help you to get started with SharePoint Online (Office 365) development.

  1. you will learn how to setup your development environment
  2. You will learn how to Develop Add-in in SharePoint
  3. You will learn how to use AZURE in SharePoint Development

SharePoint Online Development workshop

SharePoint Online Development is 8-week workshop teaches you on how to build solutions in SharePoint Online (Office 365). In this workshop along with concepts, you will learn how to build a Project.

If you have one of these questions below, then this workshop is right for you

"How I can start my SharePoint Development career and get into a Job/Project in Office 365"

"How I can do a Real World Project along with concepts"

"How I can improve my skills to develop a world Project based on Client Requirements in Office 365"

"How I can develop you skills to next level (Advanced)"

"How I can become SharePoint Architect"

"How I can get hands on along with the concepts"

In this workshop, you will get the details on different concepts required to develop solutions based on client requirements. 

We will be taking a real world application and try to implement these requirements using the different concepts.

Sharepoint 2016 Bootcamp

Step by step program to learn SharePoint 2016 development. In this 8 week program, you will be able to learn the skills required to build solutions using SharePoint 2016.

Live Workshop starts on August 5th, 2017.

Workshop Timings:  9 PM to 10 PM IST on every Saturday and Sunday.

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded. You will have access up to 12 months. 

Once you complete the workshop, you will get a certificate from SharePoint Journey.