Creating InfoPath form views

In this article we are going to learn how to create InfoPath form views.

Use case:

Clients might have complex forms, in few scenarios they might asks to divide total fields into different sections instead of displaying in a single form.

Step 1:

Go to the list ribbon and select customize in InfoPath form option. It will open all list fields in InfoPath form.

Step 2;

Divide the fields which you want to display in default view and newly creating view. In this list I am dividing total fields into 2 sections.

  1. Basic information.
  2. Contact details.

Step 3:

In default form I am displaying below fields i.e. first set of fields (Basic information).

Step 4:

Select page design tab from InfoPath form ribbon and select new view option to create a new view.

Step 5:

Give a name for newly creating view.

Step 6:

New view will display an empty pane. From InfoPath form ribbon pick a design and insert the fields which you want to display in this view.

Step 7:

Now we created a new view successfully. If you want to check list of view go to InfoPath form ribbon and select page design tab. From view the option we can see list of available views.

Now we have successfully created and tested a new view. 

We can switch the views based on some conditions. Follow below steps to switch views using button conditions.

Step a: Insert two buttons (Basic information, Contact Information) to default view as well as the newly created view.

Step b: Click on basic information button and select add rule option from InfoPath form ribbon. 

After that select when button is clicked option.

Step c: Once we select the button is clicked option it will display list of actions, from those select switch views.


Step d: Select a desired view to which we want to switch when the button is clicked.

Step e: Click on ok button and repeat the same procedure for second button also.

Follow the same procedure for second view buttons also. (Step b: -- step e :)

Click on preview button and check result for testing.

Result :

Now it’s display default form.

Click on contact information button it will display the new view.


In this post, you have learned how to create and switch different views in InfoPath forms.

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