IT Equipment Request multi level approval workflow
using Microsoft flow

Published on 15th, August 2018

This is third video in this Microsoft Flow series. In the first video you have seen how to populate the approver details from SharePoint List itself.

In the next video you have seen how to populate the approver details from AD.

In the videos below you will learn how to develop multi level approval workflow using Microsoft flow

Below steps explain the process of the IT Equipment request

  1. A user creates a new equipment request on SharePoint.
  2. It goes to their manager for approval.
  3. If it is approved, workflow will send an email to IT  and requests for a quote.
  4. IT then goes into SharePoint and adds the quote amount.
  5. Flow will send another approval email to the manager with the quote Info added.

This video explain prerequisites for IT Equipment request

The below video explains IT Equipment request workflow

In this workflow you will learn below new flow actions

  • Send email with Options
  • Get Item

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