What are your plans for 2017

Published on 2nd, January 2017

Wish you a happy new year and Welcome back to SharePoint-Journey.com  

So how did you celebrate the new year’s eve? We took our kid to a park. Charita loved grass, trees and ran like the wind and we had lot of fun. What about you? 

I always write my goals and keep it me and revisit but from here on i  would like to share my goals with you.

This year I have simple goals. 

Meditate daily: I always think meditation improves us a lot and I always do it for few days and quit this for a month or two and will do again after few days. This year I have decided to do it on a daily basis. 

Workout often: With Office work and working on my website sometimes I miss doing the workout. I did the workout on a lot of days, but my fitness has gone down in last one year. This year I plan to dedicate more time to working out and running. 

Spread SharePoint School to more people: SharePoint School has been successful since its launched last time. I want to make even more people awesome in SharePoint and Office 365 in this year. 

Monthly Webinars:  You heard me right. I have been preparing material & gathering ideas on running monthly webinars going forward. Very soon, you will hear about those.

Create More FREE courses: We will have more free courses will be added to SharePoint-Journey.School on topics like JQuery, Office 365, Power apps, Microsoft Flow.  

Learn more: Even though I did not aim for it, last year I ended up reading a lot of books and blogs. This year, I plan to continue the trend. I want to become good in SharePoint Framework, Branding, Power BI and Become a better businessman. 

What about you? what plans do you have for this year? I am *really* interested to know what keeps you going. Please share by leaving a comment below. 

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Devendra Velegandla is a four-time recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award (2014-2017) for Office Servers and Services MVP and  SharePoint Server. He received the MCC award for his contributions in Microsoft MSDN/TechNet forums. He loves sharing articles, videos, and tutorial on SharePoint and Office 365.

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